Take control of workday interruptions

No more distractions from colleagues when you need to step away or focus on the task at hand. Heads Down handles those inbound interruptions, allowing you the freedom to accomplish your goals.

A better way to eliminate distractions

No more need to pretend you are offline or block out your calendar just so you can get some work done.

Communicate response times
When a colleague messages you, Heads Down will auto-respond letting them know the exact moment you will be back.
Manage your focus
Get work done in a series of focused sessions. We automatically buffer your sessions with a short break so you can stretch your legs before jumping back into things.
Never miss an important message
While you are busy, Heads Down will step in and collect all of your messages till you are back. No need to hunt for what you missed.
Optimize your workday
Visualize your workday and see where to minimize interruptions by shifting your time around.

Customizable for any situation

Heads Down has a collection of modes that you can use and customize to fit your ideal working style.

Heads Down
Block out all distractions for a specified interval and catch up on them when you return.
Limited Availability
For those days where meetings will consume your day. Heads Down will let your team know you will be slow to respond.
Slack auto-responder
Heads Down integrates with Slack and auto-responds to any inbound messages. We triage the message based on your rules, interrupting you if something cannot wait.
Automatic status reset
Forgetting to reset your status is no longer an issue. Heads Down knows when your workday starts and ends allowing it to reset your status back to Online or Offline automatically based on the time of day.
User interface for status changes

HeadsDown is a bouncer for my time. I can push off non-urgent communication until I have time which is a game-changer for my productivity.

Simple no-tricks pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

Solo Membership

You will get access to every feature today, plus new features and modes until we are out of ideas.

What's included

  • Custom status presets

  • Workday automation

  • Unlimited Slack Workspaces

  • Mobile applications

$36 /year
Buying for your team? Check out HeadsDown Teams

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a team plan?
Probably not. Heads Down is designed for individuals. We did not want to build something that requires team-wide adoption to be useful. The team offering is for those teams who need additional access controls, custom data policies, and prefer unified billing.
Can this control multiple Slack workspaces at once?
Yes. There is no cap on the number of workspaces you can integrate with. You can select which workspaces Heads Down should manage.
Where can I see upcoming features?
We have plenty of exciting features including holiday calendars. We are working on putting together a public roadmap. While there you can also email us the idea and upvote existing ones.
Will you add support for Microsoft Teams, Discord, or Mattermost?
If you would like to see additional integrations, please email us the idea and we can add it to our roadmap if there is enough interest.
Is integration with Slack required?
Nope. Slack integration is very helpful as a way to communicate your status with your team, but without it you can still use Heads Down to help manage your focus.
Do you store messages from Slack?
We do not store any message contents from Slack. We store metadata such as permalinks and author identifiers only to show you a message was missed. If Slack gives us an option to receive this information without the message body, rest assured we will update our permissions to take advantage of it day one.
For those who want an additional layer of security, contact us about an option to self-host a Slack proxy.