Take control of your work.

Each feature of Heads Down has been crafted to help you better manage your workday.


Limited Availability

Some days you have such a hectic schedule that you need to let your colleagues know that it may take all day to hear back from you. This is what we call "Limited Availability". It is a polite way to tell your team that they should probably seek answers elsewhere if they can and to expect a very delayed response otherwise.

Heads Down

This comes from the workplace phrase, "going heads down". When you need some time without any interruptions to finish an important task this is the mode you want. Configure the length of time you need, we'll triage all incoming messages letting those colleagues know when you'll be back.


Setting your status to Online is a way to communicate to your teammates that you are welcoming interruptions. It is important to set your status to Online from time-to-time so your colleagues respect your heads down time. If you don't welcome interruptions sometimes, it makes it more difficult for teammates to respect the times when you truely need to focus.


Offline is for any mode where you want to be away from your keyboard. Maybe you want to take a walk outside or maybe it's the end of your workday. These reasons are why this mode exists.

Workday Breakdown

Configure to match your work week

Even if your work is not a typical Monday through Friday 9-to-5 scenario, we got you covered. By configuring your working times and days, Heads Down can automatically reset your status to Online or Offline. You'll never have to remember to mark yourself Offline when it's the end of the day again. 🎉

Visualize your effort

Often visualizing your activity is enough to trigger impactful habits. By visualizing how you spend your day, you can better assess how you are spending your time.

Slack Integration

Message auto-responder

Turning on auto-responses when configuring your status means that any user sending you a message will receive an estimated response time.

Missed messages UI

Inbound messages are grouped by sender in the Heads Down web interface. This way if you receive a message from the same person in several different conversations, you can see them all in once place rather than sifting through them yourself.